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Better self-positioning websites


SEO optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique for designing and programming websites and apps that sticks to strict rules for writing code or additional marketing treatments in order to get the most accurate recognition for search engine algorithms.


Two types of SEO

off-site, czyli „additional marketing treatments” to help position the site in Google search results outside our code, such as paid ads, sponsored links, blog articles, generally an extra output of infrastructure directing Internet users to our site. Often these are additional paid treatments offered by interactive agencies with equally frequent subscription activities. At the same time, it is important to remember that poor on-site optimization, will not harmonize with paid off-site marketing treatments, so you should take care of code optimization first.

on-site„code writing rules”. On-site optimization includes both technical activities and content work. Over the years, on-site SEO optimization has evolved from very schematic actions to creative ones, which today are strongly related to improving the user experience, which means that in addition to maximizing the code’s correctness, you should take care of“pleasing to the eye“ design and intuitive navigation of the site.


Better websites

from the heart of Silesia Region

Characterized by ultra-on-site optimization, namely the code created by us is liked and positively evaluated by search engine robots.

we design


we create


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of positioning

A well-optimized website is the first step to responsible branding and brand awareness.

Such a website can be described as self-positioning and over time, as its content develops, it will indeed slowly rank higher in search results.

Thanks to the ultra-optimized code of our sites, you can calmly focus on the demands of your potential customers by carrying them content-rich information. Valuable content on a well-optimized website is the key to success.

Optimization at the beginning
Allows you to save later

By commissioning an optimized website, the concern of additional budget for external positioning becomes unnecessary.

We realize that sites can look very similar from the outside, while the real differences are in the code.

What does this mean?

Optimization at the beginning relieves our budget in subsequent stages of development without forcing additional investments for costly audits and fixes.  is an intimate team fully dedicated to your idea.



The most modern and unrestrained in its capabilities JavaScript characterized by above-average page loading speed, performance and ultra-fast reloading of sub-pages with data loading.

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